End the hunt for root causes and reduce downtime
with AI-powered issue detection and diagnosis.

Simple diagnosability for
complex microservices

Built by veterans from:


A modern service catalog.

Discover every service, endpoint, data store and third-party API with zero manual effort.

Complexity untangled.

Automatically map all service dependencies along with your data stores and third party APIs.

One stop microservice shop.

A complete view of every service endpoint with performance metrics.

Evergreen API spec.

Understand all your API schemas without ever needing to write any documentation.

Custom metrics. Standard.

Observe your data traffic and collect metrics for each element in each endpoint for every service uniformly.

Every change documented.

Collect all deployments, alerts, changes and activities across your services.

AI makes diagnosis a breeze.

Detect anomalies against auto-generated baselines. Combine graph analysis and event correlation to pinpoint issues instantly.

Ops, simplified.

Troubleshooting docs, service owner information, monitoring dashboards and chat at your fingertips.

Works with your stack.

Pre-built integrations for popular alerting and
monitoring tools to deliver a unified view of
your whole system.


Zero instrumentation.
Zero overhead.

One click deployment for modern stacks with native support for
service meshes, popular proxies and more.

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